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250,70 Km/h

We were born in 1982 in Châtillon (AO) by the will of Giorgio Minini, father of the current managing director Luca Minini.

Today, after just over thirty years, we are among the major European manufacturers of special equipment for cold forming of metals for the molding of screws, bolts and special parts.

The experience gained in these years of activity, the professionalism of our staff and the use of technologically advanced machinery, have allowed us to achieve a high degree of specialization in the construction of a wide range of special equipment, both in steel and in tungsten carbide, as well as a production flexibility that allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers and also to deliver small batches.


Environmental policy
We operate respecting the territory and the surrounding environment, respecting specific procedures aimed at reducing or eliminating the possible environmental impacts and following the regulations in force on the subject (concerning the differentiation and recycling of industrial and non-industrial waste).
We are committed to reconcile company growth with the reduction of environmental impacts that derive from production activities, and we always operate respecting the criteria of maximum safety for the health of our employees and our countrymen.

Clean energy
We are members of IDROELETTRICA, a consortium of self-generation of energy from renewable sources, and we use green energy produced by plants located in Valle d'Aosta. This hydroelectric energy (guaranteed by the Eaux de la Vallée Energia Pura brand) is 100% clean, as its production derives from the transformation of the kinetic energy of water into energy, without any CO2 injection.
Also through this choice we express our sensitivity towards the environment and our interest in alternative energy sources.


  • Via Stazione 43, 11024 Chatillon (AO)
  • Tel. 0166 61476
  • Fax 0166 61535

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